Personal Training

We offer 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions tailored to each individual. Train individually or with your loved one.

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Group Classes

Upper Body Strength

Monday 5.45pm & 6.30pm

A targeted class focused solely on building a stronger back and chest muscles, whilst increasing tone and shape across your shoulders, triceps and abs.

45 Minutes.

Core Strength & Boxing

Tuesday 5.45pm & 6.30pm

A generalised stability class that will not only increase your abdominal strength, but assist you how to use your core to full effect in all other areas of exercise. Necessary for all who exercise, but perfect particularly for those with lower back weakness, post-natal clients and anyone looking to take their training to the next level

45 Minutes



Wednesday 6.30pm & Saturday 7.30am

Time to get sweaty betty!! Be prepared to dig in and give it your all during this cardio focused High-Intensity-Interval-Training workout. Expect lots of stop-start exercises that cause you to pant, sweat, and burn a huge number of calories! Perfect for those who want to burn fat, decrease stress and improve their quality of sleep.

45 Minutes.


Lower Body Strength

Thursday 5.45pm & 6.30pm

A full 45 minutes of butt toning, hamstring lengthening, calf shaping and calorie burning! This class uses every one of your lower body muscles to rev your body’s engine and burn fat whilst giving your legs and glutes a more athletic look.

45 Minutes.


Total Body Strength

Saturday 8.15am

A targeted class combining both upper and lower body exercises aimed to build, sculpt, shape and tone your entire body, whilst making you sweat, leaving you feeling strong, lean and most importantly confident in your own skin!

45 Minutes.